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Optimal Fuel: Your Nutrition Playbook

First launched in February ‘22, Optimal Fuel: Your Nutrition Playbook is the WARKITCHEN’s Magnum Opus. It’s designed to be everything we dreamed of from a cookbook, and more. It dispels the myths we’ve been told. It sheds light on what’s healthy and what isn’t. And of course, all with the techniques and recipes you’ll need to cook healthy food that actually tastes good.

Here's what you'll receive:

Part 1: Nutrition - Understand the poisons we need to avoid - Learn EXACTLY what's healthy for us - Eliminate confusion with all things nutrition - Understand how to heal your gut - Learn how to effectively use supplements - And more...

Part 2: Food Groups - How to make smart choices - Understanding dairy - Activating plant foods to increase bioavailability - And more...

Part 3: Techniques - Learn HOW to fish, instead of being given fish (just a metaphor, right now there isn't a fishing chapter.... yet!) - Suggestions on what to equip your kitchen with - Techniques to cook eggs in various ways - How to break down larger cuts of meat - Principles behind making nourishing broth - And more...

Part 4: Recipes - 40+ recipes that range from breakfast, mains, sides to dessert - Specific formulas you can replicate in the comfort of your own home, in a very specific WARKITCHEN format that's designed for anyone to follow - Protein pancakes, coterie sandwich, chicken francese, chicken hearts, koobideh kebab, and so much more...

Bonus Material:

  • Your Guide to Systems: Learn how to defeat the number one enemy that prevents most people from cooking healthy food for themselves — TIME.

  • ChatGPT For Food: Understand how you can use to power of ChatGPT to adapt the very recipes in this book to your personal preferences, as well as create new ones (prompts included).

Optimal Fuel is so much more than a cookbook. It blends nutrition and gastronomy into one singular resource. It's what we would have wanted when we first stepped foot in this space.

Think about it... why would you want to eat dry chicken breast and broccoli for life? What's the point of cooking tasty food if it's going to put you in a hospital? There is a way to eat healthy food that is actually tasty.

Get your copy now and guarantee access to every future edition

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